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Blizzard Beach Orlando Blizzard Beach Orlando

Blizzard Beach Orlando 

According to legend, a bizzare winter storm dropped a large blanket of white snow over the central Orlando area. In the aftermath of the storm, an exclusive ski resort opened featuring, ski lifts, down-hill slopes, skating rinks, and toboggan runs.

But as sudden temperature changes melted the snow, this wintery wonderland transformed itself into high speed water-slides, vertical chutes, lazy rivers, grottos, azure pools, and much more.

Seeing an opportunity, an enterprising character named Ice Gator clad in a hat and scarf decided to ski down the slushy ski jump shouting Whoopee! Buy Discount Tickets Now! With a big splash he landed in a pool of melted snow below the mountain, and the slushy, slippery slopes became an exhilarating water park.

At Blizzard Beach, discover a frosty delight for the entire family. Get chilled as you explore all 12 soaking-wet attractions nestled in the middle of Disney's magic. Zip down the tallest and fastest waterslides, sunbathe on the sugar-white sandy beach, or just make a quiet escape floating down the tranquil winding river Cross Country Creek.


Experience the excitement of a scenic trip up the green slopes of formidable Mount Gushmore. Be transported by a slow-moving umbrella canopy chairlift in anticipation for a unnerving plumment down the side of the slope in one of three rivetting rides. The adrenaline rush is amazing.

Cross Country Creek
Take a leisure journey on this lazy river that slowly winds around the theme park providing a picturesque view of a green forest landscape, lush tropical foliage and overhead wooden pebble bridges.

Downhill Double Dipper
Compete with your opponents as you disappear in a black whole atop an innertube while plummeting downhill at an exhilarating speed. 

Melt-Away Bay
A day at the beach never has been so refreshing when you drift aimlessly in you innertube in this massive tropical oasis filled with bobbing waves generated by Gushmore's waterfalls.

Runoff Rapids
Buy Discount Tickets Now! Careen some 600 feet down the mountain in 3 separate flumes creating a unique experience in the dark twisting, turning, culminating into a great splash finale.

Ski Patrol Training Camp
Hone your skills at this challenging training camp for teens. Walk across the tricky ice flows, zip on the T-Bar drop, swish down on the frozen pipes, coast on an innertube down twisting slides or just make a big splash on the downhill body slide.

Slush Gusher
Zoom down this exhilerating slide as a deluge of slushy water propels you over 2 rolling hills on your way down to the bottom of a 90-foot decline.

Summit Plummet
Boasting one of the tallest, fastest freefall 120-ft body slides in the world, rocket down this extreme ride as gravity takes control in a exhilarating 12-story plunge.

Teamboat Springs
Families that play together, stay together on this gravity driven unpredictable ride that zooms down a twisting, turning, downhill slope filled with white-water rapids.

Tike's Peak
A polar-themed wonderland just for preschoolers, the little ones can experience big fun in this scaled down version including miniature snow-marked slides, a mini inner-tube ride, chutes tunneling through the snow, and side-by-side downhill slides.

Toboggan Racers
Jump aboard your slide mat for a downhil slalom against hard core competitors as you vie for position to be the next champion. Get ready to brave 3 exhilerating hills as you zoom down the slide belly first defying the force of gravity.

Buy Discount Tickets Now! Hone your skills to shorten your time for the glorious title of "King of the Mountain."

Slusher Gusher

Group Information

Start training for Suumit Plummit on this scaled down 90-foot-long version.

Summit Plummet

Live Animal Show

Rocket down a vertical drop on the fastest freefall water-slide in the world

Meltaway Bay

Live Animal Show

Families will experience the motion of the ocean in this 1-acre wave-pool

Downhill Double Dipper

Live Animal Show

Hone your competative edge as you compete against other apponents in a downhill side-by-side race to victory

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