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Blue Man Group 

Critically acclaimed as a sensory multi-media overload, Universal presents the indescribable live celebration of art, music, and technology. With all-new stage acts, astounding music, and incredible new performances, it's no wonder that guests continue to come back for more.

As your reality infuses into satirical skepticism, the Blue Man will cause you to transcend from cultural gender gaps into their world of perpetucal perplexity.

Be mesmerized as they interect with enormous DiGi-Pads, play the Drum Bone, toss objects into the audience, communicate with innocent expressions, interact with members of the audience and create a blissful party atmosphere.


Branded as the new kids in high school, Chris Wink and Matt Golman reunited after college graduation. Joined later by Phil Stanton, the 3 entrepenuers formed the Blue Man Group which played throughout Manhattan, New York. After being discovered by The CLUB @ La MaMa, they actors-producers created the full-length show Blue Man Group featuring the critically acclaimed theatrical Tubes.

As the Blue Man Group grew in populartiy, the show utlimately transitioned into an off-Broadway show. Despite the progressive adaptions, Blue Man Group continues true to its roots with multimedia theatrics, inventive comedy, audience participation and of course, outrageous antics.

Today, Universal Studios Orlando hosts the beautiful state-of-the-art Sharp Aquos Theater built exclusively for this one-of-a-kind show. The Theater provides a small but intimate atmosphere for every seat to have an incredible view of the stage and its performers.


Science and technology
An amusing look into the complexity of Science and Technology from the viewpoint of a Blue Man.

Information overload and information polution
As humanoids, The Blue Man create a spellbinding scenario of the ongoing intensity of Information flowing into our society each year with perpetually perplexed faces.

Captivating audiences from every ethnicy, The Blue Man Group instills a sense of togetherness for a short time with their almost naive innocense. Regardless of gender, color, creed, or ethnicity, The Blue Man effectively communicate their message to everyone during their muted performance.

Often, humanoids feel awkward with the primal, insecure in times of playfulness and alone in strange crowds. Blue Man, just the opposite, is naturally authentic, egoless, home in the primal, never self-conscious and easily connects with others.

The Outsider
The Blue Man, a comunal group of three, represent a typical triangle. But the smallest group possible to contain a subgroup of two or less is three. From the world's point of view, all the blue men are viewed as outisders. Many of the Blue Man skits involve one of the Blue Men performing in a manner inconsistent with the other two. Hence, the outsider.

or otherwise climbing to the top. There are a number of references, both in visual pieces and in lyrics from the COMPLEX tour, that have a common theme of getting to the roof. This theme is a metaphor for the advice Stanton, Wink, and Goldman drew from Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers's PBS program The Power of Myth and represents "Following your bliss.

Digi Pads Skit

Group Information
Newest Comedy

Technology Overload
Blue Man explore technology in an almost playful way to express how we are all connected globally.

Drum Bone Skit

Live Animal Show
Outrageous Comedy

Their unique perplexed curiosity in this skit is outrageously funny as they playfully create percussion sounds by extending these tubes

Paint Drums skit

Live Animal Show
Primary-Colored Paint

Paint Drums
Blue Men combine both percussion and primary-colored paint creating a colorful performance splashing paint into the autdience

The Outsider Skit
Blue Man
Group of Three

Three is a crowd
Ever notice that there is always someone that has to be different? Get into the act with The Blue Man Group.

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