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Screamin' Gator Zip Line 

It's seven stories up, over alligator infested waters, your heart pounds, it's wild, it's exhilerating, what lies ahead, could change your destiny forever, it's the Screamin' Gator Zip Line.

At Gatorland, guests can zip over 1,200 feet of wild habitat on this gravity defying trek over the reserve. With over 110 acres of suspense-packed adventure. Gatorland is one of the oldest theme-parks in Orlando.

Billed as the "Alligator Capital of the World", Gatorland is host to some of the most voracous and dangerous alligators and crocodiles in the world.

Buy Discount Tickets Now! Gator Zip Line features a variety of towers that zip guests above the tree tops for breathtaking views of America's #1 nature preserve.

Cacatua Gatorland

Gatorland Shows

•  Gator Jumparoo Show   •  Upcloase Encounters
•  Gator Wrestling Show    •  Gator Jumparoo Show
•  Upclose Encounters       •  Gator Wrestling Show

Featuring a petting zoo, an aviary, a breeding marsh with an observation tower, educational wildlife programs, train rides, a gift shop and more.

Explore The Zip Line

With over 63 years of experience, Gatorland houses hundreds of exotic species of wild animals from around Florida. Take a behind the scenes tour above the treetops of the unique world of Gatorland. While guests meander through Gatorland's park to get up-close and personal with its residence, the zip line offers a unique view only possible from the air. With five towers to choose from, guests will be elevated 5 stories above the ground for a breathtaking survey of Gatorlands wildlife preserve.

Don your harness, clip yourself on to the cable, take a deep breath and off you go. Careen over the top of the breeding ground of exotic animals, glide over the Flamingo habitat, cross a rope bridge with Turkey & Fallow Deer below, and zip over the breeding marsh of some the most dangerous carnivores in the world.

Experience a unique gravity-defying trek over one of oldest theme-parks in Florida. On the wilder side, Gatorland offers a unique adventure at night billed as "Gator Night Shine." Ascend the elevated tower to begin a one-of-a-kind nighttime experience while hundreds of shining eyes observing your every move. Experience the unparalleled excitment as you wisk over the top of hungry gators.

Gatorland's Stars

Gatorland is home to over 22 different species of birds and hundreds of reptiles. Gatorland is host to some of the most voracoius alligators and crocodiles in the world. Buy Discount Tickets Now! including Cuban and Nile crocodiles, Rare White, Leucistic Alligators, Burmese Pythons, Giant Tortoise, Parrots, Flamingos, Exotic Birds, Turkeys, and Fallow Dear

Trainer for the Day

Adventure Tour

Be a trainer for the day as you get up close and personal with wild animals

Gator Jumparoo

Gator Jumparoo

Stars of the show at Gatorland jump for lunch

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