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Disney's Hollywood Studios Hollywood Studios is themed after the show business and functions likewise. Home to shows and special effects the Hollywood Studios primary effort is to bring you face to face with the characters from the movies. Inserting you into the center of Hollywood's hit movies such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, American Idol and much, much more! Just like the other theme parks Hollywood Studios is broken up into several zones, each with their own unique set of rides and attractions. These zones are; Hollywood Boulevard, Echo Lake, Streets of America, Animation Courtyard, Pixar Place and Sunset Boulevard.

Hollywood Studios is known for the massive Wizards Hat from Mickey's Fantasia movie that hit the big screens in 1940s as one of Disney's first and most famous animated movies. The theme park is constantly updating their entertainment to match the current box office hits.

Hollywood Studios Tickets
Hollywood Studios Tickets

Hollywood Studios Park Sections

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard: Located at the entrance to the park, this area is filled with shops and concessions for your convenience. Shop for great movie souvenirs, Disney pins, hats and more. Also located here is one of Hollywood Studios oldest and most popular rides, the "Great Movie Ride."

Echo Lake

Echo Lake: Created to look much like the crazy California style buildings this are of the park is home to Star Wars themes and the Indiana Jones show. This area of the park also forms one of the massive ears that shapes the theme park to look like Mickey.

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard: Focusing stage life this area of the theme park brings a unique set of rides and experiences that cannot necessarily be categorized into a single theme. Supporting many of the "heavier" rides this area of the theme park is built primarily for teenagers and older.

Streets of America

Streets of America: Structurally built to to look like a New York city street this area used to be closed off to pedestrians. Now open for you to walk through you can see much of the back lots and behind the city equipment. This area is used for the American Film Institute's Showcase and the exit point of the Backlot Tour.

Pixar Place

Pixar Place: Built to look like the Pixar Animation Studios this area of the theme park is dedicated to Pixar's role in the Disney film making process.

Animation Court Yard

Animation Courtyard: With all the animated movies Disney has made it is only natural to dedicate an area of the theme park to their works. From as early as the 1940's Disney has created an abundance of creative flicks for all ages, now you get to witness how they were made, and enjoy a show or two while your at it.

Hollywood Studios Tickets
Hollywood Studios Tickets

Hollywood Studios Rides

The Great Movie Ride: Enter the movies and confront some of your favorite movie actors first hand in this blast to the past. Reminiscing on what are now considered to be "Epic Movies," this ride brings you face to face with the stars and allows you to witness special movie effects almost to close for comfort!

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular: Follow Indiana Jones through a series of amazing stunts, gun fire and explosions as they do a live show right in front of your eyes! After each skit they stop the scene and reset everything to demonstrate how they do each individual stunt.

Star Tours: Journey into the Star Wars galaxy and venture into space on a Star Tours ship for a simple tour of the star systems. But when a your clumsy droid pilot accidently stumbles into the battle on Streets of AmericaDeath-Star you end up helping the rebel alliance and Luke Sky-Walker raid the narrow trench leading to Death-Star's destruction.

American Film Institute: A memorable collection of actual movie props and costumes, the current theme for the showings is villains, offering a wide variety of dastardly items from Star Wars, Alien and many more. Check the park times for showings because AFI (American Film Institute) does daily showings of the costumes and fun fact demonstrations for individual props.

Backlot Tour: Go behind the scenes and see what few understand! This tour allows you to make your way into the show business and see exactly how sets are made and even do some professional special effects. One of the primary attractions of Hollywood Studios is Catastrophe Canyon, which is only accessible by participating the Backlot Tour.

Walt Disney - One Mans Dream: Explore the history of Walt Disney and his original plans for the theme parks. How much has changed in his master dream and what has been done since. Are some of his plans for the theme parks still set in motion or has his influence on the theme park been completed? Come to this demonstration to view some of Walt's original ideas and answer these questions.

Playhouse Disney: Come join the crew of Playhouse Disney live onstage here to interact with your kids! In this air conditioned room you are asked to sit on the floor so everyone can see as the costumed characters perform for you!

Toy Story Midway Mania!: A fun filled interactive 3D experience where you get into a cart and pass through a variety of classic carnival games. Each game has it's own Toy Story character operating and narrating your adventure.

Tower of Terror: Enter the Twililight Zone and go where few have tread! Enter the cart and be lifted nearly 200 feet into the air. Witness a strange phenomenon before you quickly plummet straight down and then back up and then back down several times over!

Rock n' Rollercoaster: Join Aerosmith as they prepare for their upcoming concert, and in a strange twists of events they have invited you along for the ride. Ride this indoor rollercoaster through the dark while jamming out to some of Aerosmith's top hits!

Hollywood Studios Tickets
Hollywood Studios Tickets

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