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La Nouba

La Nouba Performers Experience one of the most mesmerizing theatrical performances of our time hosted by Cirque Du Soleil. Presenting the award-winning play La Nouba, it is unlike anything that you ever seen on the stage. La Nouba offers a host of different theatrical performances including high wire, acrobatics, dancing, juggling, humor, intrigue, and much more. Buy Discount Tickets Now! With breathtaking performances, never-before seen stunts, daring acrobatics, bold vibrant colors, all these just barely describe the impressive beauty and sophistication of La Nouba. With more than 65 artists representing 15 nations, La Nouba hosts more than 7 different shows that are in production around the world.

There is nothing like it anywhere..

With it's permanent residence at DownTown Disney, La Nouba combines fantasy, charm, exotic, the unimaginable, acrobatics, and highly skill performers in one show. From the Diabolos Arial Cradle & Ballet to the BMX Bikers, from the high-wire to the iconic Green Bird, the circus-like performance will dazzle you from one act to the next.

La Nouba features a very unique cast of characters including Oneill Langlois, The Titan, Aerial Ballet, Les Cons, The Fat Lady, Carlos Marcio, The Green Bird, The Lost Ballerina, The Pierrot Clown, The Musicians, The Diabolos, The Clowns, and many more.

Los Diabolos Dressed in green and red tights, acrobats jump on trampolines on the floor catapulting them up to the top of a tall building. The highly precision choreography allows multiple performers to execute technically difficult syncopated feats.

Without a double, Cirques major Buy Discount Tickets Now!crowd pleaser is the four charming Chinese girls that perform both aerial cradle and ballet  stunts simultaneously. Balancing a weight between two sticks, these talented dolls perform twirls, jumps, flips and magical ballet with ease before your very eyes.

As the shows rather odd people, Les Cons, four nutty characters find themselves in the middle of all the action somewhat participating and mimicking what they BMX Riderssee. All dressed in white, this group of bumbling clowns create a bridge between the real and surreal, between La Nouba and the audience.

Green Bird, the iconic face of La Nouba, is the multi-colored bird that never learned to fly. In her bright yellow, pink, and red feathered costume finds herself trying to mimic other aerial stunts but unable to fly.

In a fast-paced society, La Nouba's two clowns Balto & Serguei, bring some sense of relief. Interaction with the audience is common as they playfully regress to your child-like nature. Unbeknownst to everyone, these two will get anyone involved in their antics in a moments notice. One moment they may fight cowboys & Indian and on the next be scaling a mountain on the moon. Don't miss this outrageous pre-show comedy act filled with all kinds of surprises.

Chairs ActUnlike any other, the chair act features a solo performer, table, and 8 chairs. Bedazzled as the acrobat defies the laws of gravity and physics. Be mesmerized as chairs continue to be stacked elevating the acrobat up to 25 feet in the air. As the agile acrobat balances haplessly upon tottering chairs, the performer attempts to light the last candle on a chandelier. Rising nearly 41 feet, higher and higher above the stage, the candle is lit generating a thunderous applause..

As the spotlight shines the BMX cyclist rolls in standing on his handle bars for the opening act. Dressed in casual blue pants and yellow shirt, the astute artist performs highly technical twists, one-wheel spins, and gymnastic turns. With highly precise footwork, the cyclist further dazzles the crowd with amazing tricks ranging from G-turns to boomerangs, mega spins to gymnastic stunts. As the cleaning lady watches and Les Cons get into the act, second act features another biker whose stunts include riding over obstacles, hopping the steps between the audience, and jumping off high platforms. As the Les Cons lay on the floor for the next act, a guest is selected from the crowd as a hurdle.

Ring in the new Year
Even though La Nouba is filled with breathtaking magic during the year, nothing compares to the special performance on New Year's Even. Seeing is believing!


Titan La Nouba comes from the French word faire La Nouba meaning to live it up, to party. Cirque du Soleil, essentially is a contemporary circus from a French perspective. La Nouba features at least 9 performances with over 8 distinct characters. Music is performed by 6 musicians and 2 singers.

High Wire
  • High Wire
  • Diabolos
  • BMX Cycles
  • Aerial Ballet & Silk
  • Balancing on Chairs
  • Flying Trapeze
  • Power Track & Trampoline

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