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Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida!
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Legoland Florida's AnnouncmentEver since we were kids the ever popular Lego toys were around. These small bricks interlock to create whatever you so desire. With prebuilt sets that required you to understand instructional manuals and just plane boxes of bricks your creativity was always encouraged when you were playing with these fun little blocks. Now as we all get older our kids are playing with these unique and fantastic little toys. Just a few Universal Orlando Tickets blocks can bring hours and hours of entertainment, so what could possibly be better than an assortment of bricks? An entire theme park dedicated to the fun and creativity these little bricks encourage!

With the Lego world constantly changing and expanding the Legoland theme park in California quickly became a fan favorite. Now you can get in on the action while on the East coast when the new Legoland theme park opens! Legoland Florida will be located where Cypress Gardens previously was; with such a prime location the Legoland theme park will be directly in the center of all the Central Florida action. Taking its place next to Walt Disney World and Universal studios Legoland will quickly become a top competitor for visiting tourists.

Legoland Florida's AnnouncmentLegoland will be compromised of an abundance of exiting rides pertaining to Lego themes. With the Lego world constantly expanding and exploring new and creative routes the variety of rides here will be unique and creative. Lego announced that there would be roughly forty to fifty rides in the Florida Legoland Theme Park, each based on popular rides at other major Legoland theme parks. Shortly after 2009 when Legoland purchased Cypress Gardens they announced that the theme park would be set to open at the end of 2011.

With 2011 quickly pressing upon is it may be time to look into this exiting attraction! Many were concerned that the astonishing beauty of Cypress Gardens would be lost when the building of Legoland began. However in the construction of the Legoland theme park all of the beauty of Cypress Gardens will be preserved.

Universal Orlando Tickets Lego announced that this Legoland theme park will be the largest they gave ever made. With over forty rides and a creatively themed park you can expect the entertainment to roll right on in when Legoland comes to Central Florida!

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