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Pirates Dinner Adventure

Pirates Dinner Adventure

Captivating audiences of all ages, be transported back to the 18th century where  Sebastian the Black and his dastardly pirates take you on a swashbuckling adventure .This outrageous choreography features an over-the-top tale filled with romance, hidden treasure, sword fights, pillaging, hostages, stunts, and significant guest participation.  With all the pageantry of a Broadway-style play, Pirates Dinner Adventure will keep you laughing on the edge of your chair.  Be prepared for Buy Discount Tickets Now! some stormy seas ahead as you set sail on a realistic pirate adventure. Enjoy a tasty pre-show appetizer buffet as the King declares that he has rid himself of the dastardly Sebastian the Black.

Rise of the Sea Dragons - New!

Treasure Tavern Dinner ShowFirst time ever, Pirates Dinner Adventure is offering a brand new show entitled Rise of the Sea Dragons. Be  center stage as Captian Sebastian's swashbuckling pirate Benjamin attempts to rescue the stunningly beautiful Princess Anita from the jaws of an angry Sea Dragon. As seaport villagers, witness all the action-packed adventure aboard a replica of an 18th century Spanish gallion. Be dazzled by authentic special effects, gallant sword-play, and aerial acrobatics blended together in one special pirate feast.

Beware, you may be asked to take part in one of many action-packed adventures at the world's most interactive dinner shows. .

Treasure Tavern

Treasure Tavern Dinner Show One of Orlando's hotest nighttime shows, Treasure Tavern blends both a unique broadway-type extravaganza with a scrumptuous Four Course Meal. Leave the children at home for an evening of unique adult entertainment with your host "Madame Gretta." This hot European-style variety, spectacular offers an evening of on stage fun and energy bringing entertainment throughout the night with dancing, singing and incredible acrobatic feats all hosted by your host, Gretta! This adult show features fantastic food by world-class chefs and some of the most incredible rum you can find served by the beautiful Wenches inside Treasure Tavern

The Show

Beware, there is conspiracy in the air when suddenly trumpets announce the entry of the royal prince and princess accompanied by the elite guard. A beautiful gypsy performers aerial choreography unaware of the impending danger. Overpowered by the merciless pirates, the redcoats are unable to defend the royal family from Captain the Black's men. As helpless guests (villagers), we are all herded into a life-size replica of a Spanish Galleon anchored afloat in a 300,000 gallon lagoon.

Princess with villagers Rousing shouts come from anxious villagers  in the interactive arena as 6 pirate mascots scale ropes to their lofty observation posts. As the tale of betrayal, intrigue, romance, and loyalty unfolds, a piping-hot sumptuous feast is rolled-out  by Captain Sebastian's wenches.

Suddenly the lights dim and the atmosphere becomes sinister as Sebastian the Black boards the ship with his scurvy crew. Oblivious to the impending danger, the roar of "ho, ho, ho" erupts from spirited guests between mouthfuls Treasure Chicken and tankards of ale.

Arrggg, grunts Sebastian the Black as he contemplates killing the Prince leaving Princess Anita as his personal treasure. Meanwhile his scurvy crew amidst cannon blasts, pyrotechnics, acrobatics, are planning to take the helpless princess for them selves as they taunt the seaport villagers.

With a cast of dozen actors, singers and stunt performers, mutiny breaks out between rivals as they fight for the hand of Princess Anita. Action-packed exploits ensues including sword fights, cannon shots, dancing, acrobatics and much more.

As last cannon shots and pyrotechnics bursts wind down, delicious Apple-cobbler a-la-mode is rapidly served ending with a sweet finale. Good triumphs over evil as the princess and prince prevail against the dastardly pirates.

The Feast
Pirates Pork  
With jubilee in the air, the King has ordered a sumptuous feast for the seaport villagers (guests). Satiate your palate with your choice of a freshly tossed garden salad or homemade Creamy Vegetable Soup.. Enjoy a freshly prepared entree including Treasure Roast Chicken Leg Quarter in savory seasonings, Pillager’s Pork Swashbuckling pork tenderloin roasted to perfection served with mushroom sauce or Captains Seafood Medley Shrimp and Scallops served in a butter garlic sauce.

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Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove
Exclusive luxurious amenities

 for special guests
By joining the Governor in the Governors VIP Lounge before the show,  be pampered with the best service and the most delicious food. 

Buccaneer Bash Party

Buccaneer Bash
Pirates just love swaggering good-time celebrations
Come join the party as young and old alike shake their bones at dastardly MC Mr Magees.

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