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Titanic The Experience

Titanic The Exhibition

First Class Stateroom Take an adventure back in time to the early 20th century. Imagine travelling 1st class in the world's greatest luxury liner April 14, 1812. Come aboard an exact reproduction of the doomed ship Titanic As pride of White Starline, view the ships famous grand staircase, as well as many other unique attractions. Buy Discount Tickets Now! Orlando's exhibit Titanic, recreates the gilded elegance of that once fateful voyage with dramatic scenes through a tapestry of dramatic story telling, authentic exhibits, precious artifacts and historic treasures all originating from this timeless tragedy.

At Titanic, guests are immersed in one of the greatest maritime disasters. combining a mixture of history and living museum making this exhibit so very unique. With it's 17 galleries, over 200 artifacts, and entire sections of the original ship are rebuilt, guest are transported back to that fateful voyage. Boasting as being unsinkable with 16 water-tight compartments, ship's designer declared she was unsinkable. Built in oak wood to the original dimensions, Titanic Exhibition boasts an exact full-size replica of the grand staircase like it in the world. Experience the sights and sounds of Titanic as tour-guides play specific roles of key crew member characters.

Be mesmerized with a wealth of information conveyed during the tour surrounding the lives of many individuals aboard the luxury liner. Each tickets will contain the name of a passenger that was registered that day. Guests can reference the memorial wall giving them a glimpse of their class, activities on board and their fate. Although the titanic was considered an engineering marvel of it's day, she sank on April 14, 1812.

This was Titanic's first maiden voyage from Great Britain to New York with an elite class of British and American passengers. Nearly 900 ft long, 92 ft wide and 104 ft tall, she was built with unparalleled luxury and size. At that time, the Titanic toured above most buildings on land.  Unaware of six iceberg sightings reported by telegraph, immigrants travelled on the lower decks never knew what happen until their fate was sealed.

Authentic Exhibits

Titanic, the Unsinkable Ocean liner
As the titanic struck the steel of the bulk-head, that had become brittle in the frigid north Atlantic waters. Fracturing in moments, the holds riveted seams failed one at a time. As water flooded the ship, after 2 hours the vessel divided in half and sank. The unsinkable ship only had enough lifeboats for 1/2 the passengers and quickly became the worst maritime disaster in history. The ships requested 64 lifeboats with a double layer of outer skin, only history knows whether the extra cautions would have averted the disaster that claimed all but 705 lives out of 1,500 passengers.

The Grand Staircase
Constructed to scale, this majestic work of art during the gilded era is solid oak. Representing the opulence of the British & American travelers, imagine the experience of scaling such an artifact images of the ship etched into solid wood. .

Original Artifacts from the Titanic
View wooden chairs salvaged from the wreck. Original uniforms for the ships crewmembers. Dishes salvaged from the wreck in the same condition as when they were used..

Passenger wall memorial
Glimpse at images of passengers, their life story, their class and their fate during the last few hours.

First class Staterooms
Walk through upper decks of the ship that offered staterooms for the rick. See an authentic rendition of furniture including dressers, mirrors, jewelry, and clothing of the time.

Dinner Table
View a typical dinner table with place settings including cups, silverwares, plates all in their original order before the final moments of her sinking.

Dockside at the mooring of Titanic
Witness the view from the dockside that a passenger of class might experience prior to entering the ship. See the original chest, business bags, uniform and a sword of 3rd Officer Herbert Fitman.

Cargo Hold Reproduction
Be immersed in the upper class cargo area replete with an old Renault vehicle, wooden crates, wooden barrels, and passenger storage areas.

The Palm Court & Verandah
Enjoy communion with Jesus Christ and his disciples. Marvel as you watch the master break bread and drink of his last cup.

Attraction Highlights

Titanic Maid Titanic Character
Actors dressed of the period portray famous Titanic notables share stories of their passengers and crew during an hour-long guided journey aboard the most famous ship in history.

Events & Weddings

Events & Weddings Picturesque Settings
Meet inside the Shofar Auditorium from 7:30 until 9:00pm amidst the land of the bible.

New Location

Titanic Location Better than ever!!
Titanic immerses guests in the timeless tragedy of the RMS Titanic. Experience the Titanic like never before. At Titanic Experience, witness the only full-scale re-creation of the famous Grand Staircase. Listen to amazing storytelling of notable people.

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